About Aqda City

Aghda desert gateway

The Iranian desert gateway aghda, one of the cities in the North-Western Province of Yazd. In the book the Zoroastrian Temple has come about "its name ten aghda gbran and the old village of ancient times.


The ruins of the temple (mehrbanou) around it is available and because the new alaslamha and in between fights and Nasir al-Din Tusi, the struggle has been the Minister of the Sultanate, according to the rest of the old Muslim cemetery in Piran, and on one day between girls and boys and vice versa Zoroastrian marriage comes into action public. so on that day ten gbran to aqdegah (place of marriage) to change the name.


As well as the author of a new history of Yazd writes yazdegerd III (the son of Bahram Gur) was one of the three I wake up Lieutenant Colonel along with other meibodar, and the third called aghdar and they woke up every Gemmologist. one (bidet), meibodar(meybod) and aghdar (aghda) making it every three to ten on the Saveh-bodwazsouh sea to Hamedan, Yazd farsangi5 to the sea.